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Live is Music. Music is Life.
Or is it?

Whenever people find out that I am a musician, they always ask me about what I listen to, and launch into a story about how they regret they didn't continue with their trumpet lessons in high school. That or the fact their grand daughter has just started the violin. It's has always amazed me how music unifies us as humans. There have been countless situations where the sharing of thoughts about music and the role it plays in people's lives has led me to realise how fortunate I am to make music. I can't compose, but I recreate the ideas of others through the sounds of my viola, violin or piano. Not to mention the many moons ago in school choirs, when I experienced the great sensation of singing together with others. All this has led me to ask one question -

What role does music play in people's lives?

The blog article each month entitled, Music and..., attempts to answer that question through words.

The listening list each month entitled, Sophie's Music Club, attempts to answer that question through words.

Of course, the best part of all is sharing our thoughts, and so feel free to visit Sophie's Music Club on Facebook.

I look forward to exploring our world and lives through the sounds of music.
Love and Music,
Sophie Kesoglidis