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Definition of conservative: Avoiding change - maybe even boring? Forget boring!
Unstrung Heroes is a show with music, comedy, trivia, fun and possibly even a free set of steak knives!?

It all started when they got sick of being told "I bet you can't play Smoke on the Water" so they decided to set the record straight.
If you think you've seen a string quartet in action before, think again. This is Australia's funkiest string quartet,
ALTO, with a dash of piano, tin whistle, or who knows what, here and there.
Presenter, Sophie Kesoglidis, has audiences begging for more, as she amuses with quirky anecdotes and reveals trivia about the songs and bands on the programme.

Hear all your favourite hits from Bohemian Rhapsody to Eleanor Rigby, even tango to Bluegrass.
They’ll have you tapping your feet, laughing and singing along as they obliterate the word "conservative".
Unstrung Heroes is all about great music, hilarity and surprises you never thought possible. Don’t forget your air guitar!


Unstrung Heroes was commissioned by His Majesty’s Theatre, Perth to open the 2007 Cabaret Soiree Series at Downstairs at the Maj, where it was premiered in March 2007 in a sellout season. Following this success, the show was performed in Melbourne later that year at The Famous Spiegeltent and since at the Shepparton Arts Centre and Montrose Town Centre.

The company

Presenter/ Musician/ Writer
Sophie Kesoglidis

Band (Quartet)

The band ALTO comprises of 4 performers:
1.    violinist/ violist/ pianist
2.    violinist
3.    violinist
4.    cellist/ accordionist/ mandolin

ALTO performed have performed live to air on ABC720 Perth in March 2007.
For more information about performers in Alto click here

The music

Unstrung Heroes is a journey through every style of music;
Queen, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Eagles, Shostakovich, tangos, film & TV themes, country & western, Greek, gypsy, opera, waltzes

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